HID Glass Tags for Animals

HID Glass RFID tags deliver consistent quality and reliability with patented direct-bonding technology that enables exceptional size-to-performance ratios.

Standard units are enclosed in biocompatible glass, making them harmless to animals. The optional parylene coating improves and accelerates tissue adhesion, preventing the movement of tags implanted subcutaneously into pets, fish or laboratory animals.

Larger Glass Tag transponders are ideal for cattle, sheep and goats. The tags help optimize livestock production and productivity through individualized lifecycle management, monitoring and feed control.

For tracking birds, small Glass RFID tags are embeddable in bird rings or bands.

HID Glass Tag Nano (1.2×8 mm) and Mini are the smallest members of the family with optimal size/performance ratio.

HID Glass Tag Ultra transponders deliver greater read range than any low frequency tags of comparable size. The tags’ improved read range reduces animal and system operator stress by increasing the distances between animals, reader equipment, and operators.

Key Features:

  • Unsurpassed quality – fully automated manufacturing and direct-bonding technology ensure RFID tag reliability
  • Optimum operation – the highest out-of-box performance ratings in the industry, with no line-of-sight requirements
  • Practically limitless options – choose from a broad range of standard sizes and integrated chips, or customize to fit any application

So let’s start the journey together and explore the many options RFDIGI can offer to help you on your road to IoT Integrated Solutions and Products.