HID Embeddable RFID

Manufacturers can create powerful RFID tags for the effective monitoring of cattle, sheep, goats and other farm animals using transponders developed by HID Global. Fully automated HID production processes ensure consistent embeddable RFID component quality and reliability. Patented direct-bonding technology enables more compact tag designs and optimized read ranges, delivering exceptional size-to-performance ratios.

E-Unit Disc transponders are ideal for embedding in livestock ear tags and similar applications where a combination of visual and RFID reader solutions are desirable. Each disc can withstand the mechanical stresses of manufacturing and assembly, and deliver reliable field performance under harsh conditions.

E-Unit Rod transponders embed easily into space-restricted applications, such as small ovine ear tags, or subcutaneous enclosures.

Key Features:

  • Customizable – choose a size, chip and a disc or rod to fit any custom enclosure; available in FDX and HDX protocols
  • Unsurpassed quality – fully automated manufacturing and direct-bonding technology ensure RFID tag reliability
  • Reliable operation – built to withstand the rigors of tag processing, including plastic injection molding

So let’s start the journey together and explore the many options RFDIGI can offer to help you on your road to IoT Integrated Solutions and Products.