HID IQ Label RFID Tags

HID Global IQ Labels are small, thin self-adhesive tags that allow discreet or overt placement. They are easily hidden behind a poster or display, or inside a product housing or package; or they may be imprinted with high-visibility graphics, attracting the attention of people with smartphones or other standard RFID readers.

Promotional marketers use IQ Labels to quickly and cost-effectively integrate digital touch points into physical media, such as posters, packaging, point-of-purchase displays, and magazines. With IQ Labels in place, smartphone-wielding customers can interact in real time with your brand. Wireless technology enables effortless transactions, engaging improved customer participation and satisfaction.

NFC technology has enabled the convergence of social media, localized promotional efforts and mobile technology, empowering marketers with unprecedented tools to promote products and services while rewarding customer loyalty. Integrate the benefits of social-local-mobile (SoLoMo) technology to empower your customer conversations.

For industrial applications, HF and UHF IQ Labels enhance the speed and accuracy of inventory and process management systems. Using RAIN® RFID technology, each labeled asset can be connected via Internet of Things (IoT), enabling businesses and consumers to identify, locate, authenticate and engage each item.

For high-security applications, innovative HID Trusted Tag® Services combines cryptographically secure NFC IQ Labels with a cloud-based authentication platform, powering frictionless, secure transactions for proof-of-presence, sweepstakes or product authentication. Ask your HID representative to demonstrate the potential of HID Trusted Tag Services. For more label products, explore LUX-IDent offerings.

So let’s start the journey together and explore the many options RFDIGI can offer to help you on your road to IoT Integrated Solutions and Products.