Imagine 100% identification of 800 tagged, metal kegs aboard a truck moving through RFID reader gates placed at points of distribution and delivery, HID UHF EXO Keg tags make it possible and cost-effective.

RFID EXO Keg tracking technology from HID Global can help improve operational efficiency, while ensuring safe container transport and return. Anti-collision capability speeds processing, allowing readers to communicate with multiple keg tags in a single pass. At the same time, information stored in each tag empowers more accurate, efficient asset management.

RFID EXO Keg tags may be affixed via welding on steel kegs. They withstand rigorous washing and sterilization processes, including washing with caustic soda.

UHF tags better enable keg tracking, while slashing processing time. They allow accurate accounting of entire pallets — even full truckloads — of containers in seconds. The tags are optimized to facilitate reliable inventory tracking amidst a dense field of objects, even when items are filled with liquids.

RAIN® RFID/NFC combo tags extend the potential applications by combining the best of both worlds. Long-distance logistic applications in the warehouse, and simple user interaction via mobile phone at the consumer/recipient side.

Key Features:

  • Durable — built to withstand the rigors of reusable container processing.
  • Enhanced efficiency — enable simultaneous reading of multiple containers, decreasing processing time while increasing accuracy.
  • Optimized — specifically designed for tagging metal kegs and cylinders.

So let’s start the journey together and explore the many options RFDIGI can offer to help you on your road to IoT Integrated Solutions and Products.