We have assisted customers with custom-printed UHF labels and encoding and vetting services for over 15 years. What are you waiting for? Join our growing list of customers and start seeing the benefits UHF RFID Technology can offer you. Combine this with our in-house developed RFDATACORE Asset Management system and get real-time visibility.

Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) range, between 840 MHz and 960 MHz. We can read many tags at the same time, at a very high speed, within distances of tens of meters.

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RFDATACORE is a cloud-based Software Solution Developed by RFDigi as a Service (SaaS) to centrally manage your Tags and Hardware and all elements required to handle a range of IoT-integrated hardware elements and solutions successfully. The RFDATACORE is a web-based system with a powerful user interface (UI) to query and get real-time information around tags. The system core is built around asset management principles and directly integrated into our powerful APK, running on all our supported hardware elements, including fixed and mobile readers. Not ready for UHF RFID, that is not a problem. The solutions also support barcodes and QR codes. To get the full benefit of track and trace applications and bulk scanning, including all the benefits UHF RFID technology can offer, combine it with our extensive range of tags.